Headquartered in Soho, London, HENI is an international art services business working with leading artists and estates across publishing, print-making, digital, film and art research.


We focus on the individual artist and their work, offering art services including printing and reproduction, digital management, events, mounting, logistics and fine art photography. We publish skilfully made art books in collaboration with world-leading writers and artists. We recently launched HENI Talks, the first website of its kind dedicated to bringing conversation about visual culture to a digitally cultivated audience.


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We work with many of the world’s greatest artists, estates and institutions.


  • Etel Adnan
  • Francis Bacon
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  • Brian Clarke
  • Lucian Freud
  • Alberto Giacometti
  • Damien Hirst
  • Albert Irvin
  • Gerhard Richter
  • Sabine Moritz


  • Serpentine GalleriesLondon
  • National Portrait GalleryLondon
  • Royal College of ArtLondon
  • Foundation BeyelerBasel
  • National GalleryLondon

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